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Emule tcp test positive kad remains connecting

The tutorials i have found on line are over my head so i need step by step instructions on how to get everything connected. i use a wireless router and have att emule tcp test positive kad remains connecting dsl for my internet connection. the two ports are marked with a for the tcp and b for the udp port.

udp test will not be performed. i am now connecting to my laptop to emule tcp test positive kad remains connecting my modem using a cable without a router. this did not happen when i was on windows xp, so it had to be something that windows 7 introduced.

udp test will not be. i need assistance getting emule set up and configured properly. positive i just installed and configured emule v050a.

tcp connection test failed because emule rejected the connection. emule tcp test positive kad remains connecting ask question asked 9 remains years, 9 months ago. results in detail: tcp connection test failed. while installing emule the firewall asks if the emule program hast to be given internet access. remains i also configured my networking equipment for the ports.

updated on febru. connection test finished. sito ufficiale di emule.

it is possible that your ipfilter includes the ip of this server, making a connectiontest impossible. downloads, help, docu, notizie,. other users will only be able to connect to you with the help of a server, resulting in a remains low id for you. therfore it is highly recommended to solve this problem. positive problems: when using the search function, i get no results whatsoever. tcp connection test failed. i' ve installed emule on the windows 7 but i' m not able to get the tcp connection to work.

i currently have no firewall on my computer. configuring windows 7 firewall for emule. while emule still works, this will give you several disadvantages. please note that the actual numbers will be different on your emule, so please look them up in your options dialog and do not take over the example port numbers from the image.

in the firewall there is a tcp and udp rule for emule. emule tcp test positive kad remains connecting also turn off kad if you haven' t already, d- link routers can' t handle that much connections. starting tcp connection test. there' s not a great deal to say about this, just turn it on and connect it. kad network kad is an alternate way for clients to find each other rather than using the main ed2k server system ( it' s a good idea to use both kad and the ed2k servers). port forwarding in emule.

i have no router and i have only the firewall from windows 7. the emule tcp test positive kad remains connecting emule status bar says " ed2k: connected| kad: connecting". it was not possible, to establish a tcp connection to your emule. after moving to windows 7, i found that my emule was connecting only with low id. active 8 years, 1 month ago. you also can change those ports if you want to for some reason, emule is happy with any portnumber. when clicking on options / connection / test ports, i get a positive response immediately for both tcp and udp. testing tcp and emule tcp test positive kad remains connecting udp in emule fails starting tcp connection test.

to enable kad goto " preferences > connection" and check " kad" in the bottom right corner.